Once upon a time…

The history of FELIX® takes us back to the countryside of southern Sweden in the early 1870’s. In Eslöv, a small factory had begun producing vinegar, so that families and households in the region could make pickling mixtures of their homegrown cucumbers and beetroots.

It was also to Eslöv that Herbert Felix, the man behind the brand, arrived in the late 1930’s. A young entrepreneur from Czechoslovakia, with a passion for cucumbers and preserves, and a vision to create himself a future within the food industry. In 1939, he teamed up with the vinegar factory, and together they started a journey that would result in one of Sweden’s strongest brands.


The foundation of Felix has always been the love of locally produced food and a desire to simplify the everyday life. By working together with the local farmers, in the early 1950’s, Felix became the largest producer of pickled gherkins in Europe. Since then, the brand of Felix has expanded a great deal and through the years, it has included products such as ice cream, soup, pickled vegetables, ready-meals, porridge, French fries and many more.

The most famous ones in the Swedish market are probably the meatballs and the ketchup. Swedes are one of the world’s biggest consumers of ketchup and Felix has a market share in Sweden that is almost double the size of its closest competitor.

Felix is quite popular outside of Sweden as well and a large amount of instant mashed potatoes is exported to Germany every year. Moreover, did you know that Felix is the top seller when it comes to lingonberry jam in the USA?